What We Do

Sharp General Contractors provides a full range of construction services, including expertise in:

How We Work

Our goal is to expand the role of builder beyond being a vendor to being your collaborator and trusted advisor.

We value our partnerships with clients, and pride ourselves on being builders of relationships, confidence and trust.

Expect us to be detail-oriented and forthright: we want to create the best solution for your project.


Healthcare Facilities

Sharp General Contractors has extensive experience working with health care providers for general medical, specialized units, and technical facilities. We are well-versed in the challenges of installing PET, MRI and other imaging equipment with special requirements. We have completed over 250 health care projects, including:

        • ∙ Dialysis Units
        • ∙ MRI
        • ∙ PET
        • ∙ CT
        • ∙ Oncology Units
        • ∙ Physical Rehabilitation Centers
        • ∙ Medical Offices & Examination Rooms
        • ∙ Pharmacies
        • ∙ Veterinary Offices
        • ∙ Assisted Living Units

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Mold is a constant threat to buildings in the subtropical and tropical environments that span Florida, where annual rainfall averages over 50 inches. Some molds are toxic and create hazardous conditions that can lead to allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory infections, and other complaints. Removal must be conducted properly in order to ensure containment of spores and to protect human health.

Sharp General Contractors is a licensed provider of Remediation in the state of Florida. All members of our Remediation Team are certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council. We have our own remediation equipment and work with an independent laboratory for testing.

We provide reconstruction services to repair the damaged areas, solve the dampness issues that cause mold to grow, and return facilities to a healthy and functioning condition.

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